Why Become
a Dentist?


The US News & World Report has consistently ranked 'general dentist' in the Top 10 jobs based on quality of life and job availability. Although the outcome is desirable, did you know that the road to becoming a dentist is a long and arduous one? After years of classroom and clinical instruction, a good dentist dedicates time to continuing education and adding new techniques to his/her practice. Your dentist has a treasure chest of knowledge at his/her disposal. If you are hungry for knowledge, maybe you should become a dentist... 



Affecting nearly 4,000,000 Americans, Sjogren's Syndrome is an autoimmune disease that has adverse effects on the human body; prolonged fatigue, chronic pain, dysfunction of the central nervous system, and major organ complications. Many patients note dry mouth as a side effect of the syndrome. To combat dry mouth, the Mayo Clinic recommends chewing sugar-free gum, limiting caffeine intake, avoiding alcohol-based mouthwashes, and taking OTC saliva substitutes. If you think you are suffering from Sjogren's, consult your dentist and/or a rheumatologist for more information.


Turn Down 
the Tech


With distractions coming at you from the left and right every second of the day, it can be difficult to focus on oneself. Nourishing the soul often takes a back seat when work and school take priority. Caring for the soul can take place at any time of the day when you have a free moment. However, that's usually when distractions come into play. Take time each day to put down your phones, tablets, smart devices, and computers to focus on you. It's amazing how much you can open the mind when you are not looking at a screen.